THE BRIDGE – Arts for the 99%.

I’m so happy to be working with Linda on this radio project and thanks to Sarah at Occupy Boston Radio for teaching us so much and being incredibly supportive with our first efforts at radio programming & production. The Bridge: Arts for the 99% is truly a collaborative project.

Developing the next program on The Bridge, an interview with Abe Rybeck, Founding Artistic Director of The Theater Offensive (broadcasting on Friday May 11, 2:30 p.m. on Occupy Boston Radio) has been exciting and enlightening for me. I had begun to think of the 99% only as an oppressed group, victimized by the political/economic power purchased by the obscene wealth of the 1%. However, hearing from and about Theater Offensive’s Out in Your Neighborhood strategy, the True Colors Out Youth Theater, and TO’s upcoming production The Secret History of Love, gave me a new perspective. Of course the 1% are having a devastating impact on our lives and the lives of our neighbors, but the youth who make up True Colors, young, queer, people of color who come, for the most part, from the lower levels of the 99%, are definitely not victims.

Their energy, their creativity, their thoughts and ideas, have been supported and developed through the guidance of the Theater Offensive into vibrant theater productions; their vision is fierce and clear as they show us the world through their experience, and their joy and positive energy are contagious as they welcome us into a truly inclusive community. The Boston Stonewall Generation folks whose stories and voices are a major force in the East Coast premier of The Secret History of Love also inspire us with their courage, their humor, their integrity. Please join Abe Rybeck and me on The Bridge: Arts for the 99% on Friday May 11 at 2:30 and let us know what you think.