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Nativism, jingoism and paranoia are nothing new in American politics. The fervent anti-immigrant movements aimed at Catholics and Chinese in the 19th Century parallel those against Latinos, Haitians, Africans and other immigrants of our present day. The racism and paranoia seen during our wars in the Philippines and Viet Nam, and against Japan are reflected in the present day rage aimed at Arabs and Islam. Can we draw lessons from the past to help us resist a politics of fear and hatred here in the present day?

Lester “Africanus” Lee has studied at Antioch College, The University of Ghana
The Bologna Center, Bologna, Italy (Johns Hopkins University), and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. He is a Senior Lecturer of History at Suffolk University.

Nativism & Paranoia in American Politics with Lester Lee
Wednesday, 5/23/2012 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time
Occupy Boston Radio – OBR.FM

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