Go Occupy New Zealand!!! We’ll be there!

Occupy Savvy

This coming Saturday June 2nd @ 2:00-3.00pm NZST (Friday 7-8pm West Coast USA / 10-11pm East Coast) multiple members of Occupy New Zealand Media will be livestreaming an open-air Free University teach-in at Aotea Square in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you aren’t in Auckland but want to participate, through our live online chat & question-taking, bookmark the following link & attend the event online: www.bambuser.com/channel/occupyauckland

Topics we will cover include:

The International Livestream Phenomenon; livestreamer Redstar309z will give you an in-depth look at the significance and prevalence of livestreams in the Occupy movement & instruction on how to set-up your own livestream

Live-Tweet & Viralling Media Internationally; endarken from Twitter will discuss the power & effect of live tweeting & retweets, give instruction on getting started, & discuss how to build & grow an international network of independent media contacts

Citizen Journalism & New Media vs The Mainstream Media; Jacquelyne…

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