THE BRIDGE - Arts for the 99%

Join us on THE BRIDGE tomorrow, 5/25, at 2:30 p.m. to hear the voices of the BOOKS OF HOPE (BOH) poets, urban and immigrant youth ages 13-25, a segment of the 99% we don’t often hear from. We do hear a lot ABOUT these young people, much of it from an outsider perspective, and much of it negative, but we are rarely exposed to their voices, their ideas, their stories, and we don’t have a very good idea of what the world looks like from their points of view. Books of Hope gives us the chance to hear from them directly, as they read their own poetry, and give us their thoughts and feelings on life and art in a round table discussion. Join us tomorrow on THE BRIDGE where we will also hear from Soul Brown, the inspiring Director of BOOKS OF HOPE.

Under the direction of Soul Brown…

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