Social Network Unionism

Via Bernardo Gutierrez: is up and running


On 15 May 2011 massive spontaneous protests across Spain signalled the birth of a movement which was dubbed 15M, after the date, and was also known as the Spanish Revolution. The “indignados” (the indignant) were fed up with soaring unemployment, the ongoing recession and a political system perceived as unrepresentative and corrupt. A year later the 15M movement is alive and kicking and has spawned diverse grassroots initiatives, from campaigns to prevent evictions to a recent crowdfunding which, in under 24 hours, raised the money needed to sue those responsible for the colossal loses of Bankia.

In September 2011 an innovative project was launched with the aim of documenting and transmitting the myriad activities of the 15M movement to the widest audience possible. is an ongoing experiment in collaborative, transmedia and copyleft creation and, over…

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