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From its beginnings, the U.S. Constitution was wrapped in controversy.  The Philadelphia Convention of 1787 was not even intended to form a new Constitution, but only to revise the former Articles of Confederation.  Many delegates objected to, and feared the strong Federal government created by the Constitution, and only were convinced to endorse it by the promise that a Bill of Rights would be forthcoming. Others of the “Founding Fathers” actually believed that including a Bill of Rights would weaken people’s rights, by implying that the government could abrogate any rights not specifically mentioned.

In honor of Independence Day, Historian Lester “Africanus” Lee, in his second appearance on Free School University Radio, will help us plumb some of the history and politics of our Nation’s founding document in our Fourth of July show.

Politics of a New Nation: The Ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Wednesday, 7/11/2012…

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