For those who can't afford free speech

By Seth Kershner, Street News Service

Noam Chomsky’s new book, “Occupy,” published as part of the Occupied Media Pamphlet Series, lays out many arguments first articulated at student meetings and in front of gatherings of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) activists. Professor Chomsky’s interest in Occupy is consistent with his support of previous grassroots movements for change and stems from some of his better-known views on American culture and politics. He has said that “it’s only when people get together that they become dangerous” because then “they begin to enter that arena where they don’t belong, namely influencing public affairs.”

Hence the usefulness of what is known as “the entertainment industry” for those who don’t wish to relinquish their hold on power. Television (“You are alone watching the tube. That is very advantageous for the control of people”) and sports (“a way of building up irrational attitudes of submission to authority”)…

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