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Occupied Nation

OBradio needs your help! We are in the process of changes, and need your assistance. OBradio is an internet radio station that was started 6 months ago by members of Occupy Boston in an effort to broadcast the voice of the 99 percent, as well as , illustrating the injustices of the world, and spreading information on the struggles and success’ of the movement. In the past 6 months OBradio has gone from simply broadcasting on the spot interviews with occupiers from Dewey Square and General Assemblies, to producing 12 original show’s on a weekly basis. The shows on Obradio cover all angles of the struggles of humanity from oppression worldwide to economic injustices to educational programming and lectures. 

We have gone from broadcasting anywhere we could, to a buildout of a studio at the E5 facility in Chinatown, which is a part of Boston near Dewey Square. In this process we have leapt technical hurdles weekly…

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