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Knowledge in our society is always “owned” by somebody.  The  “ownership” of science determines who’s allowed to participate, who can determine what research is done, who publishes the results, who has access to the results, even who is able to understand them.  What are some of the effects of the “ownership” of science in our society?  Topics of discussion may include:  genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the commodification of science, why science isn’t always right, even, given “who owns science”, is science EVER right?  The goal is not to disparage science – but understanding the social and economic structures under which science takes place is essential to understanding what science does and doesn’t tell us.

Richard Levins has been a tropical farmer, an organizer of Puerto Rican coffee workers, an anti-war organizer, a writer for Monthly Review… and a groundbreaking mathematical ecologist.  His professional work has involved mathematical modeling…

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