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Who is Jimmy Higgins?
with actor and writer Harlan Baker
Author of “Jimmy Higgins: A Life in the Labor Movement”

The name “Jimmy Higgins” has for generations stood for the name of the rank-and-file union and socialist activist. Portland ME writer and actor Harlan Baker’s one-man play personifies Jimmy Higgins, and takes us on an engaging and inspiring tour through the history of the American labor movement, from recounts his days as a newspaper boy in Sandusky Ohio during the first World War, his meeting with Socialist leader and Presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs and other radicals opposed to American participation in the First World War, his experiences in the Lafollette campaign for president in 1924 and his experience covering the union organizing drives of tenant farmers and auto workers in the 1930s.

In our interview with Harlan Baker, we will explore his inspiration for a play about Jimmy Higgins…

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