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We have aired this show on FSU-Radio twice before (including the original broadcast).  But it is such an important topic, especially with the elections coming up, that it seems worth repeating.  We are also working on putting together a follow-up show on the federal budget and deficit.

Dr. Arjun Jayadev is an Assistant Professor of Economics at U. Mass – Boston with a strong commitment to progressive policies to make the economy work for the 99%.   He gave a couple of teach-ins when Occupy Boston was at Dewey Square, which are available on FSU’s YouTube site.  In this FSU-Radio program, he explains what money “really” is, and discusses matters such as how banks “create” money, why we don’t want to be on a “gold standard”, the role of the Federal Reserve Bank, the differences from a policy standpoint between household and national debt… and what genuinely progressive policies on…

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