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Fiscal policy is based on the idea that the government can use spending or taxation, not just for the sake of funding useful programs, but also as a way to affect the economy. Topics discussed in this show include, how fiscal policy is supposed to work, a comparison of demand-based economic policy with “supply side” theories, austerity vs. stimulus, debt and deficit, and is Keynesianism “dead”? Other questions addressed are: How well have President Obama’s economic policies been working? and how should we decide how much government spending is enough? (For instance does Mitt Romney’s proposed 20% cap make sense?)

Dr. Arjun Jayadev is an Assistant Professor of Economics at U. Mass – Boston with a strong commitment to progressive policies to make the economy work for the 99%. This is his second appearance on FSU-Radio.

Fiscal Policy w/ Prof. Arjun Jayadev
Wednesday, 10/3/2012 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time

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