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Guests today on The Bridge are Valerie Stephens and Helen Elaine Lee who travel into some of today’s most troubling issues and transform what they find into art.

First we’re going to hear from Valerie Stephens, who will talk with us about her one woman show, The Mammy Diaries, where she explores the reality, the myth, the caricature of the complex and multidimensional stereotype of Mammy, whose presence is still threaded through our society today.  Valerie will perform The Mammy Diaries on October 4 at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge. Go to and click on events for more information.  To learn more about Valerie and her work as a vocalist/bandleader, story teller, educator, and performance artist, visit her website at

Helen Elaine Lee is going to speak with us about her novel, Life Without, which tells the stories of ten people who are incarc

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