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with documentary producers Melissa Young and Marc Dworkin

Melissa Young and Marc Dworkin are the producers of a new film, Shift Change, which examines worker owned and managed businesses in the U.S. and Mondragon, Spain.

With the long decline in well-paid jobs, and today’s economic crisis, millions of workers in the U.S. and around the world are having a hard time making ends meet. Some are finding a solution in a different business model – to help re-invent our failing economy, restore long-term community stability and create a more egalitarian way of life. Businesses that are owned and managed by their workers tend to be more profitable, innovative and committed to the communities where they are based.

Shift Change explores the more than 50 year old network of cooperative businesses in Mondragon, Spain, and a half-dozen thriving examples of the more than 300 worker cooperatives presently operating in the…

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