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This week’s show will be a rebroadcast of a show that originally aired on 3/14.

What is the importance of a class analysis?  Why does the working class accept the myths of the ruling class, which have the result of keeping them in their place?  How did it happen that with the Occupy Movement, people suddenly began to “get it”?  How does the Occupy movement help us better understand Marx? – and how can Marx better help us understand the historical role and potential of the Occupy movement?

Brandeis Professor Gordon Fellman talks how Occupy helps clarify the meaning of central Marxian concepts like alienation, ruling ideas, false consciousness, genuine consciousness, and social class, and how one’s understanding of the Occupy movement is greatly enhanced by applying Marx to it.

Gordon Fellman is Professor of Sociology at Brandeis University, where he chairs the undergraduate Peace and Conflict Studies Program.  He…

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