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Activist Ball T-shirt design Contest !


We are very excited to announce the 1st Annual Activist Ball T-shirt Design Contest ! The winner of the contest not only gets the pride and notoriety of being the designer of the T-shirt for the 1st Activist Ball, but they also will receive a prize! We are very anxious to see the brilliant work and ideas that are submitted. This contest is open to all, whether you are a professor or student at MassArt, a graphic designer, or someone who is very creative. So may the best person win. Game On People!

Send your submissions by January 2nd, 2014 to activistball@encuentro5.org

Join us for the 1st Annual Activist Ball



On Saturday, January 25th 2014, Encuentro 5 and the Community Activist Media Project/Activate Radio will proudly host the 1st Annual Activist Ball, our first in a yearly tradition of dance party celebrations dedicated to activists and activism!

With Chris Faraone (of Weekly Dig & Phoenix) as Master of Ceremonies, we’re spinning world dance beats with DJ Univers-AL, serving light food, and giving out prizes.

Here is the website link;


You can visit the link below to get tickets, t-shirts, or to sponsor;


the ‘Occupied Nation’ Show (9/26/2013)


On this weeks ‘Occupied Nation’ Show we spoke with Christina Gonzalez, Green Party candidate for CIty Council District 7 in NYC , who was arrested a few days ago. We also spoke with Josh Sager about the hard facts in regard to guns. And also had a very informative discussion with Terra Freidrichs about Pass Mass Amendment. We featured Leaders Led on the 4:20 Intermission, as well as covering a few other subjects.

Wed 6/19 Race & Economic Inequality: Building a multi-racial movement for justice (Rebroadcast)

Originally posted on Free School University Radio:

This year, interspersed with new shows, the Free School University Program will be replaying most of the shows from last year, roughly in chronological order.  (The only shows we’ll skip will be those for which there is no recording, and maybe a few that were so topical that they are no longer of great interest.)  Most of these shows are also available on our Archive and Podcast pages.

This week, we’ll rebroadcast Race & Economic Inequality: Building a multi-racial movement for justice with Camilo Viveiros, which originally broadcast on 6/6/2012.

We Are the 99%

The Occupy movement has always been much about economic inequality and economic injustice, but the racialization of inequality has not always been emphasized. The mainstream media loves to highlight stories of middle class families losing their jobs or their homes, but people in racial minority or immigrant communities bear a disproportional burden: first fired, last hired, hugely…

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Veterans For Peace Radio, join me Monday’s from 6-7 Eastern on http://www.OBR.fm

Originally posted on Veterans for Peace Radio Hour:

In the distance, there is a “buzzing” sound, a drone is in the area looking for a target. Once found, either an individual or a group of individuals vanish in a flash, vaporized by a $160,000 missile fire from thousands of miles away, they never had a chance, never knew what hit them. The children of the stricken men weep, the wives weep, if they are still alive.

War has always been an atrocity, the very definition of insanity and we have taken it to a lower level than ever before. Being one of the Boomer generation, (no pun intended), I thought nothing could be worse than the catastrophe of WWII and it’s ensuing horror of death camps and millions dying in vain attempts to take warfare from the horrific to the hellish. The thought that industrialized warfare and countless millions of non-combatants killed could get any worse was beyond…

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RT @hqoccupy: Blockadia Rising: Voices o

RT @hqoccupy: Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade http://t.co/CwqpBuGDVQ #Occupy #OWS #occupywallstreet #OccupyHQ #GrassRoots


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