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the ‘Occupied Nation’ Show (9/26/2013)


On this weeks ‘Occupied Nation’ Show we spoke with Christina Gonzalez, Green Party candidate for CIty Council District 7 in NYC , who was arrested a few days ago. We also spoke with Josh Sager about the hard facts in regard to guns. And also had a very informative discussion with Terra Freidrichs about Pass Mass Amendment. We featured Leaders Led on the 4:20 Intermission, as well as covering a few other subjects.


Wed 6/13 – Money, Debt & the Federal Reserve Bank w/ Prof. Arjun Jayadev (rebroadcast)

Free School University Radio

Dr. Arjun Jayadev is a young Assistant Professor of Economics at U. Mass – Boston with a strong commitment to progressive policies to make the economy work for the 99%. He explains what money “really” is, and discusses matters such as how banks “create” money, why we don’t want to be on a “gold standard”, the role of the Federal Reserve Bank, the differences from a policy standpoint between household and national debt… and what genuinely progressive policies on money, debt and banking would look like.

Wednesday, 6/13/2012 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time
Occupy Boston Radio – OBR.FM

This program originally aired on FSU-Radio on 2/15/2012.

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Reblog from Business Insider: DEAR AMERICA: You Should Be Mad As Hell About This [CHARTS] – Business Insider

DEAR AMERICA: You Should Be Mad As Hell About This [CHARTS] – Business Insider.

Let’s start with the obvious: Unemployment. Three years after the financial crisis, the unemployment rate is still at one of the highest levels since the Great Depression.

Wed 6/6 Race & Economic Inequality: Building a multi-racial movement for justice

Free School University Radio

The Occupy movement has always been much about economic inequality and economic injustice, but the racialization of inequality has not always been emphasized. The mainstream media loves to highlight stories of middle class families losing their jobs or their homes, but people in racial minority or immigrant communities bear a disproportional burden: first fired, last hired, hugely targeted by predatory mortgage lenders in good times, their communities decimated by foreclosures during the crisis. How can we educate ourselves about the racialized aspects of economic inequality? How are working class people of color organizing themselves to fight injustice? And how can we learn from them, and work with them to build a truly global, multi-racial movement for economic justice? Community organizer Camilo Vivieros will help us explore and answer these questions.

Camilo Viveiros has worked on immigrant worker issues and multi-ethnic/multi-racial economic and environmental justice organizing with students, youth and seniors…

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