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the ‘Occupied Nation’ Show (9/26/2013)


On this weeks ‘Occupied Nation’ Show we spoke with Christina Gonzalez, Green Party candidate for CIty Council District 7 in NYC , who was arrested a few days ago. We also spoke with Josh Sager about the hard facts in regard to guns. And also had a very informative discussion with Terra Freidrichs about Pass Mass Amendment. We featured Leaders Led on the 4:20 Intermission, as well as covering a few other subjects.


Boston Fireworks 2011-4622.jpg

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Occupied Nation

 I went downtown a while ago, well earlier this morning I guess. I was suprised to see how many people were out at 7am on a holiday.As I walked by the vetrans place i watched the police work crews, putting out all the barracades while a group of about fifty motorcycle-cops rode by.  As I glanced at the group of police suprvisors meeting across the street I immediately tried to remember if there was an occupy boston event that i had somehow forgotten, and then realized that the police weren’t in their black military garb, so it couldn’t be occupy.LOL, it was time to get a coffee 🙂

While we celebrate our independence in these United States, let’s remember what it’s supposed to mean. Let’s remember that we were taught in school about how this country declared it’s independence from oppression. Let’s remember those brave souls that stood up against any…

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Companies I Boycott

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Occupied Nation



So the other night I asked the question, what companies do you boycott? I had to think about it for a little bit… I have a list going, but am afraid really that it will become a never-ending list. Anyway.. Here is a bit of it.

Dunkin Donuts
Fox Network
Fox News
Bank of America
BP British Petroleum
Planet Fitness
Stop N Shop  wish i could
Comcast  wish I could
Target  wish I could..

So there is a start. 🙂 If you want, I think we can discuss it here.



photo by R. M. Calamar

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